Brandy Chene
The Hair Entertainer

Houston native Brandy Chene is not your typical hair stylist but a hair entertainer. With 17 years’ experience, she is taking styling hair to a totally different level. You can tell by her signature look that there is nothing simple about her, but extraordinary and trendsetting. From her green hair to her bold and edgy personality, Brandy Chene ‘The Hair Entertainer’ is one that the whole world will come to know.

“I couldn’t see myself doing anything else. It’s who I am,” she stated. As a fourth generation hair stylist, Brandy not only watched her mother and grandmother work in the salon but started to help her mother at the age of 14. She contributes much of her skillset to attending hair shows as a little girl. In 1998, she graduated from Ultra Precise Beauty College in Houston, TX. Once she finished, she continued her training which created an opportunity to work with Patric Antonio Bradley’s Team Hollywood.

Her talent has taken her across the world. She has traveled to Europe, California, Virginia, New York and several other states as a hair entertainer. Brandy is her first name and Chene is her alter ego. Together, they create the “Rockstar” of hair and fashion Brandy Chene ‘The Hair Entertainer’. As any rockstar, she ‘zones out’ when on stage and aims to create an atmosphere for her audience that they will never forget. To become internationally known for her gift is her goal and her talent is bound to do just that.



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